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News and Happenings around SBCC

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It has been a busy summer so far, and shows no signs of slowing down. Blogging has been a little quiet the last few weeks as I have been working some crazy hours to get freelance clients work complete, go to my day job and then come home to put the finishing touches on a new project. Exhausted, but in a good way. I have a lot of things in the works, including some interesting blog posts coming up. I just wanted to share some bits of random news and to let you know that I hear you and things are happening!

Pattern printing:

I am ever the optimist that technology can make things better and faster. Thus far my PDF’s have utilized the fastest creation way possible, but have not been the most efficient as there is no margin included and sometimes a little edge get’s cut off, much to everyones confusion. I need to slow my roll and do things the proper way, even though it is a couple more steps. Those margins are important and I have been struggling to find the correct way to do it. I mean, c’mon. I know how to mass produce tens of thousands of garments, but I can’t figure out a freaking PDF! In step my technology guru- Mari from Seamster – she set me straight. We are now cleared for take off! Well, once I get to reformatting all of my patterns. My goal, is one style a week. That reformatting also includes…..

Metric Measurements:

As a start up I was all about the MVP- (Minimal Viable Product) that is fine-tuned along the way based on feedback and ease of use. Part of my initial set up was using only inches because it was easy for me to work with. Now as business has grown, clearly there is a need. Now this shouldn’t be a big deal to add, but it does require some rearranging of data, export, edit, upload, repeat-many times over. The process is a little mind-numbing, but I am getting there because it just makes more sense than only my backwards imperial measurements.

*just a random question for any Excel experts out there- is there a way to convert inches to CM in Excel or am I asking too much??


If you are interested in my progress about which patterns have been reformatted as I go along, I will keep you up to date via Facebook. You can also keep up with going’s, sale announcements and pattern releases.

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